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Visionary Art and Cosmosis

Milan Param is a spirited architect of many natural and supernatural worlds. His art radiates a timeless ambiance throughout his vividly defined paintings, sculptures, murals, photography and multi-media displays. His full-spectrum compositions collapse chronology, alter scale and expand conventional perception. Milan’s imagery can refract a viewer’s insight into a magical rainbow of intimate love and transcendent realities.

When creating, Milan uses a discovery process he terms ‘‘superconscious archeology‘, tapping into ancient and future archetypal inner-visual libraries. Milan chooses from 147 paintbrushes and thousands of natural and created sculptural parts, to orchestrate his artistic wizardry. Intuitively guided by his clairvoyance and mytho-shamanic dreams, he evolves raw elements into engaging visionary spectacles. His imaginings reveal unique mythical constellations of consciousness, inviting mystical interpretations. Milan’s art delivers a cosmic cornucopia for a spiritual appetite, to nourish the soul.

With a glowing grin, Milan dramatically states, “Somehow, I landed on Earth to create enchanting cosmic realms for spiritual adult children, including myself.”

Milan Talks about his Art & Writing

While channeling as a young man, an osmosis-like membrane filtered out concepts of identity, flooding high frequencies from the cosmos deep into my being. It became clear that osmosis and cosmos fused into one sublime, experiential word, Cosmosis. Cosmosis has been reflected in my art ever since. When my earthly imaginative boy joins the loving universal humanoid ‘alien’ within, creativity spontaneously expands. Mystical beings, geo-organic architecture and celestial portals come to luminous life amidst lush exotic nature, on canvas or in sculptural forms. It is nature itself, that continues to be my primary teacher and source of inspiration.

Composite of 2 paintings for Book Cover low res

Composite of 2 of Milan’s paintings by Nick Swanson, (c) 2013

My upcoming audio-visual book, Utopia’s World, originated from written interpretations of my artworks. The story is filled with adventure, self-discovery, and psychodelicious scenarios sprinkled with extrasensory bliss. It contrasts earthly and cosmic juiciness with the intrigue of worldly deception and power. Will Earthhumans sustainably evolve beyond their conditioned beliefs of separatism and strife? What beings and events could make a positive global difference?

Decades of visual imagery and heart-centered language rebirth in this book about global and personal transformational possibilities. May it impact the archetypal human psyche for the benefit of Mother Earth, who breathes for us all.

With gratitude, wishing you abundant access to cosmosis, bliss and clarity. Enjoy the beauty and have magical fun with it all.

~Milan Param, 2013

Milan Param’s Background

Milan’s artistry has always been multi-faceted. As an accomplished painter, sculptor, photographer, architectural modeler, designer, muralist and writer, he has enriched his life and others’ for several decades. His degree in art, combined with special artistic training, furthered his progress. Milan moved to Maui in 1992. Since then, he has produced murals, his unique ‘mineralform sculptures’, visionary paintings and factualized-fiction writings.

Milan has won California State art invitationals and sold his art through numerous galleries in several states. He has exhibited and sold his works to celebrities and appreciative patrons. Also, he was former president of a non-profit organization dedicated to Earth and human health through ‘less toxic’ legislation and living.

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        Beautiful …. Particularly as seen in person. Other worldly landscapes of imaginary beauty and intrigue.

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