Chapel of Sacred Mirrors’ publication is Alex & Alison Grey’s ongoing effort to bring to the public a variety of visionary art. The three pieces in this entry are Milan’s contributions to this publication. We’ll update High Frequency Art with details when it gets closer to publication of the catalog. Thanks!

Amphibiani Illuminarium - Version 2 lowest resTranselemental Goddess lowest resPan a Ce Ahhh lowest res

2 comments on “Milan’s Art that will appear in Chapel of Sacred Mirrors’ (CoSM) 2014 publication

  1. Kim Chi

    Milano vin-Chi,
    Your work is superb. I can only imagine the space and time you journeyed in the landscape of your mind influenced by our Mother Nature. God Bless life.
    I would like to see what is behind that floating mountain sometime, you know like what does the other side look like. The dip-tic. Or the quadriptic, indicating spin. I know you can do it.

  2. Kim Chi

    Please write me back so I know how to send interesting information to you. I love your works of art.

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